A perfect water and money saving investment for home owners with yards of all sizes and applications. King Turf artificial grass is easy to install and maintain, and can help homeowners optimize their home investment, enhance quality of life, and turn unused areas into usable living spaces. Following these instructions will help create stunning, environmentally sustainable landscapes that look fantastic and save money in coming years.


NOTE: Installation instructions for simple lawn and landscaping applications are provided. Please contact us for further detailed installation information.

Following these steps to install your King Turf artificial grass will give you years of stunning, green and worry-free lawn. You'll need the right tools for the job before you install King Turf. Please see the list of tools below.


  • Seaming Cloth (1 roll = 15 feet)
  • Seaming Glue (1 qt. = 15 feet)
  • Landscape Stakes (25 per package)
  • Turf Rake (for bristle fibers)
  • Hand Tamper (for outdoors applications)
  • Sprinkler Caps (if needed)


  • Utility Knife
  • Hammer
  • Yard Rake
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tape Measure
  • Marking Paint
  • Garden Hose
  • Wide Shop Broom


Most outdoor applications require aggregate base preparation to allow proper drainage of the water. Simply clear the surface where your King Turf grass will be installed, getting rid of any unwanted grass and roots.

Once clear, apply two to four-inch layer of crushed aggregate until the desired shape and contour are achieved. Work the aggregate with a rake and hand tamp until the surface is flat and smooth.


With the base ready, place your King Turf grass and trim to shape. If using more than one roll of King Turf grass, make sure the “grain” of the grass fibers is pointing in the same direction.


To seam the turf together, align two pieces edge-to-edge. Fold back the edges to lay King Turf grass seaming cloth the length of the seam.


Secure the seaming cloth in place. Apply seaming adhesive to the cloth, spreading with a consistent thickness. After a few minutes, slowly ease the two edges back together, checking the fit as you go.

To secure your King Turf grass, use five to six-inch galvanized nails or landscape anchor pins around the perimeter and where necessary to keep your turf flat.


Finally. Using a landscape rake or broom, brush the fibers up and rinse with a garden hose. Periodic brushing and rinsing will keep your King Turf grass looking fresh, natural and beautiful for years to come.


Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes, you can carry out an artificial grass installation on your own. All you need are a few standard tools and some extra supplies available on our website. Have a look at our easy step-by-step instructions online or get in touch with our team for help installing our grass yourself.

Is it easy to install artificial grass?

Yes, installing artificial grass is not hard and can be done on your own — particularly if you are dealing with a smaller area, like a balcony or townhouse backyard area. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions we provide online or save yourself the effort and have our team do the installation for you.

What do you put under synthetic grass?

One of the most important steps when installing synthetic grass is to properly prepare the sub-base, the layer below the synthetic grass. First, clear the surface where your King Turf grass will be installed, eliminating any real grass and roots. Then apply 5 to 10 cm of a crushed aggregate: a mix of sand, stone, gravel, recycled concrete and crushed rock. To calculate how much material you need for your sub-base, multiply the total area times the depth. Lastly, wet the sand base to further compress it and use a trowel to go around the edges of the area, ensuring they are smooth and even.

How much does it cost to get artificial grass installed?

The cost varies according to the product chosen, the total area you wish to cover and other related factors. If you don’t have the skills or the time to install your new King Turf artificial grass yourself, our affordable artificial grass installation service is perfect for you. Simply call one of our friendly staff members on 1300 546488 or fill out the quotation form online to have our team come to your location and provide you with a free quote.

How long does artificial grass take to install?

A professional artificial grass installation takes an average of 1-2 days for a regular-sized garden. If your lawn is bigger than 100 square meters, it will probably take an extra day or two. If you'd like to find out how long it would take to install artificial grass in your backyard, we can provide you with an accurate quote during our initial free consultation.

Can you install artificial grass on slopes?

Absolutely, yes. Synthetic grass is a very adaptable floor covering and can be installed on almost any surface. Using it on a slope can be highly beneficial and labour-saving since it doesn’t require any mowing. If the hill is particularly steep, you might need to further secure the top of the artificial turf. Please contact us with any questions or for assistance.

Do you install artificial grass everywhere in Australia?

At the moment, our teams currently operate out of Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and we only offer professional artificial grass installation in those locations. However, we ship Australia-wide and provide full support to help you install your new artificial turf without our assistance.

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

Artificial grass has many advantages over real grass and paved areas. These are some of the main points:

  • Low maintenance — Once your artificial grass is in place, you will have very little gardening maintenance to do to keep it looking spectacular. No mowing, no watering, no pesticides — it’s ideal for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Cost-effective — In the long run, having a synthetic turf installed will save you money as it has few upkeep expenses and it requires very little maintenance.
  • Quick and easy — A real grass lawn can take weeks, even months, to take to the ground, and it requires constant maintenance. An artificial grass installation only takes a few days, and your new lawn will be ready to use right away for many decades to come.
  • Always beautiful — Synthetic grass looks gorgeous for a long time with minimal intervention required. So you can have friends visit without any warning, rent out your property, go away on a holiday without being concerned about your grass dying.
  • Environmentally friendly — A real lawn requires constant watering and the use of pesticides and fertiliser to maintain it. King Turf artificial grass needs minimal water, just enough to periodically brush it and clean it, and no harmful toxins.
  • Drought-resistant — In the harsh and drought-prone Australian climate, a turf that doesn’t require watering is the optimal solution. It’s guaranteed to always look beautiful, and it saves you from an exorbitant water bill.
  • Pet-resistant — We have several pet-friendly grass options so that your furry friends can run, play and enjoy the outdoors without causing any damage to your artificial lawn.
  • Safe for people with allergies — Artificial grass is allergy-free as it doesn’t have any pollen. This means your family and friends can join you in your outdoor area without suffering from hay fever, sneezing, watery eyes and other afflictions.

How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass is exceptionally long-lasting — embellishing your backyard area for up to 25 years! We strongly recommend investing in silica sand as an infill to provide extra stability and protection to the turf, thus extending its lifespan and maximising your investment. Many different factors will affect your new King Turf durability, but you can count on our 8 to 12 years warranty on all our products, depending on your chosen turf.