Aug 26 , 2022

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What Home Improvements Add The Most Value In 2022?

What 2022 home improvement trends add the most value?

Whether you're prepping to sell your home or make an investment for the future, implementing value-heavy home improvements simply makes sense. Not only will you be getting the best bang for your buck, but you'll also be maximising your return on investment.

But in 2022, many traditional improvement expectations have changed. More buyers are interested in quality rather than quantity and have specific considerations for indoor and outdoor spaces. So what is the most significant home improvement trend of 2022? Artificial grass!

Creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere for your home is essential for improving your abode's overall look and feel. Whether you’re looking to spice up your backyard or have the best visible yard in the neighbourhood, there’s just no avoiding the many benefits of artificial grass in 2022. 

Australia’s top home improvement trend of 2022

The best home improvement projects allow homeowners to boost the quality and value of their most expensive asset. This is most important in the front and back of your home. First impressions count, so it’s best to make a change for the better when it comes to the look of your space.

Front yard landscaping design is hard enough as it is, so there’s no need to add any extra stress to the process by creating more work for yourself with natural and often uncooperative grass. King Turf solves this issue, creating a special blend that mixes form and function. With visually-striking products that work to capture odours and save you money and effort in the long run, the only regret you’ll have is wishing you made the switch sooner.

Benefits of artificial grass

So, what are the true benefits of taking the next step in your landscape design? At King Turf, we understand the appeal of a clean and consistent aesthetic. That’s why we design and install the best artificial grass you’ll find. Even without our magic touch, artificial grass has many benefits:

- No need for constant upkeep
- Perfect consistency in aesthetics
- Specially tailored and designed setup

    Think that’s good enough? Wait until you get to experience the King Turf difference:

    - Copyrighted deodorised artificial grass (captures 100% of smells)
    - In-house design and manufacturing tailored to the Australian climate
    - Specially crafted child and pet-friendly grass
    - UV protected products 
    - Professional installation
    - One-stop shop for all your turf needs

      Whether you’re looking to install artificial grass in your home, business or even a childcare centre, there’s no substitute for the elegance and convenience of quality artificial grass. You can take your front yard landscaping game to the next level easily.

      Front yard landscaping

      Landscape design is easily one of the most compelling elements of a home. Curb appeal plays a large role in purchasing decisions while simultaneously setting expectations about the quality of the home's interior.

      In Australia, artificial grass is perhaps the most efficient landscaping update. This seamless, eco-friendly grass never requires watering, mowing or weed control, saving on more than just your water bill. Thanks to its cost-effective design and superior performance, it's easily one of the best home projects for ROI.

      Keep in mind that landscaping with artificial grass is best left to the professionals. So when installing synthetic grass around your Australian home, look no further than the pros at King Turf.

      King Turf is Australia's monarch of valuable landscape design

      From residential homes to commercial properties, King Turf has specialised in installing artificial grass for many years. We offer a full collection of synthetic landscaping grass products for many needs, providing the perfect amount of greenery for sports areas, pet runs, backyards, and other gathering places.

      Begin your installation process today by completing our commercial application, or call us at (02) 9316 5454 (Matravaille) to begin a residential project.