Aug 26 , 2022

shawn SAEIDI

Which Are The Best Landscaping Ideas For Front Yards?

You never get another chance to make a first impression — and when it comes to front yards, this is more appropriate than ever.

The front yard is the first part of the house that guests have a chance to see. It encompasses much of your personality, exhibiting your tastes, styles and preferences to the outside world. And whether you have a lot or a little to work with, making a yard that looks and feels beautiful benefits just about everyone.

Here are a few ideas to optimise the appeal of your front yard, including different landscaping ideas for smaller front yards and larger yard spaces.

Basic landscaping ideas for front yards

Front yard landscaping takes many forms and is extremely adaptable to different families and lifestyles. However, your options may be more or less limited, depending on available space.

Let's separate the basic landscaping ideas for front yards into two different categories — ideas for small yards (<100 m2) and ideas for big yards (>100 m2).

Landscaping ideas for front yards that are larger

Having a big yard means you can let your imagination run wild! So, whether you’re looking to create a uniform setup for a sleek aesthetic or a combination of greenery and stone, there’s a simple solution: artificial grass!

There’s no reason to compromise and continue weeding and mowing a lawn that can be unruly and downright frustrating. If you’ve got pets or young children, there’s even more reason to invest in specialty artificial turf such as the one you’ll find at King Turf. Do your family a favour and install some aesthetically pleasing artificial grass that’s designed to be pet and child-friendly, withstand the Australian climate, have easy and almost negligible upkeep and create a sense of wonder in and around your home.

You may want to get started with the basics. If you’re after golf turf to practice in a tight area, we have just the range for you. If you’re looking for a specialty pet-friendly product, look no further. And finally, if you’re after a product that ensures a pleasant smell, you can’t ignore our copyrighted deodoriser that captures 100% of smells.

Landscape ideas for small front yards

Even in smaller yards, opportunities still abound. Limitation breeds creativity, which might manifest in creating a small area of greenery surrounded by stone, some plants, or even just on its own. But here, there’s only one answer:

- Installing artificial turf

If you're struggling to keep your grass healthy, consider installing artificial turf. This low-maintenance, high-ROI solution provides the convenience of grass without the headache.

There are dozens of artificial grass collections, ranging from pet-friendly varieties to sport efficiency options. Regardless of your selection, the benefits will be obvious right from the get-go — including those from the artificial grass range provided by King Turf.

Choose King Turf for yards small or large

No matter the size of your front lawn, adding some pet-friendly, drainage-capable turf is always a valuable landscaping idea. And with the high-quality services provided by King Turf, the total installation of artificial grass is only a phone call away.

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