Aug 26 , 2022

shawn SAEIDI

Why More & More Homeowners Are Turning To Artificial Grass

Every Australian household has some amount of property to maintain. From large family homes to starter houses, every homeowner wants to beautify and shape their owned outdoor spaces. This is the primary job of gardeners and landscapers, two of the most predominant specialists in the outdoor industry.

But contrary to popular belief, gardening and landscaping are not the same. Depending on where you live or your property type, you may need one or both to get the job done right. And even if you get a professional to help you, if you have natural grass to look after, you’re still in for a lot of work. That’s why more and more homeowners are turning to artificial grass for their homes.

Benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass is becoming the go-to choice for those who want to have a beautiful lawn without caring for natural grass. Artificial grass also looks and feels like real grass. Because of this, it’s versatile and easy to work with, with some usually installing it in yards where natural grass would be difficult to grow, such as on steep hillsides or in shaded areas.

Many people choose artificial grass because it doesn't need to be watered or fertilised and remains green all year round. Artificial grass is also low maintenance, so you won't have to spend time mowing or trimming it. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for you if you're looking for a way to save water and create a beautiful lawn.

On top of the regular benefits, you can enjoy the King Turf difference:

- Clean and consistent aesthetic
- Minimal and almost negligible upkeep
- Lack of pests in your yard
- Environmentally friendly (save on water and throw away your chemicals and pesticides)
- Specially tailored design and installation
- Unmatched beauty

You may wonder what the downsides are, and we often wonder that too! Some people ask, “how long does artificial grass last?” And to that, we say, “as long as you want it to.” It’s that simple. Our products have special UV protection to avoid any harmful effects from the sun, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the aesthetics of your lawn without any extra work.

How to install artificial grass

Landscapers specialise in the overall form of your property. This means they are concerned with how the lawn is laid out, how the garden is constructed and how various outdoor features are positioned. This also includes matching your hardscaping features like patios, pergolas and retaining walls. At King Turf, our bespoke designs are created in-house and installed by our very own team of experienced professionals.

Where to buy artificial grass

Of course, traditional landscaping and gardening services can be frustrating, if not expensive. Regular grass maintenance and repair could prevent you from doing more with your time, or keep you from focusing on other priorities that require your attention. That’s why you can save yourself the time and hassle and work with us to transform your outdoors.

If you're looking to cut costs, boost ROI and enhance the look of your yard without expensive services, you may want to consider a better alternative — including the synthetic grasses installed by King Turf. We’ll work with you to explain how much artificial grass is, how to install artificial grass to fit your specific needs and wants and show you where to buy artificial grass — right on our website.

Choose King Turf for a gardening and landscaping revolution

More than just a traditional landscaper, King Turf is a leading provider of high-tech artificial turf for properties across Australia. With a unique focus on high drainage, long-lasting colour, and pest resistance, our technology lets homeowners stop paying for unnecessary lawn services once and for all.

Give us a call today at our Matravaille location (02) 9316 5454 to discuss our installation process. Interested in commercial services instead? Fill out our commercial application to begin the process as soon as possible.