Whether you need residential turf for a new development project or sport turf for a fitness centre or competition venue, our commercial range is up to the job.

This is exceptional quality synthetic grass that goes beyond old-fashioned perceptions of artificial turf. King Turf's drought-proof products mimic the texture and aesthetic of a real lawn and help our customers do more with their commercial projects and spaces.

Different types of synthetic turf for Sydney customers

As artificial turf suppliers to the Sydney area, we provide a variety of options to our customers. Here’s what we offer.

Royal turf

Royal turf is designed with heavy traffic areas in mind and is built to be UV and fire-resistant. Available in 40 mm thread length.

Prince turf

Prince is the next step up in our range. It is intended for landscaping purposes, features double-backed construction and is available in pet-friendly residential turf options. Our range includes 35mm and 25mm Prince versions.

Prestige turf

Prestige sits at the top end of our range and is designed to be cool to the touch, making it ideal for hotter climates and spaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.

The benefits of commercial synthetic turf

As one of the premier artificial turf suppliers in Sydney, we are the go-to for many customers in this region as they seek out professional, high-quality synthetic grass.

Here are the benefits of these commercial turf options:

Reduced maintenance

High-quality synthetic turf requires less maintenance and upkeep than a traditional grass lawn. There is also no need for watering or other forms of care, making synthetic turf completely drought-proof.


Turf that is designed for heavy traffic and products that are resistant to UV damage will last longer than natural grass or lower-quality synthetic options.

Suitable for a variety of applications

Commercial turf products can be deployed in residential developments, sporting facilities or other spaces and applications. How you use your turf products is up to you.

Why trust King Turf as your synthetic turf installation partner in Sydney

We are among the leaders in this field, and over the years we have developed a sterling reputation for customer service and care. We take the time to learn about your specific needs and requirements, and then we treat your project as our own — installing your turf professionally and efficiently and then cleaning up once we're done.

Our products are backed up with warranties and guarantees. This is all part of the service we provide — offering you peace of mind as well as top-quality residential and sports turf.

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How often should artificial grass be replaced?

High-quality artificial grass needs replacing every 10 to 20 years.

How long will artificial grass last?

The synthetic grass should last for one or two decades.

Does artificial grass need maintaining?

You may need to maintain your artificial grass by brushing it, removing any debris and making sure there is no weed growth or other contamination.

Does artificial grass fade in the sun?

Direct sunlight may cause fading in artificial grass, but high-quality synthetic turf products stand up to the Sydney sun with UV protection, which means they last longer before fading.

How often should you water artificial grass?

You won't need to water artificial grass like you would natural grass, but you may need to rinse the debris from it and clean it once or twice a month.